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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unimpressed by the Impressiveness

This one is a shout out for all out friends back down south in the holler. This is how we roll up here, yo! Max, though, due to combination of nap-needing and crazy snow glare, was not quite ready to appreciate white and fluffy wrath of Mother Nature.

The last couple of weeks have provided me plenty of quality time with my trusty snow shovel and I've had at least one realization about my youth. Back in the day, I loved shoveling snow. Dad was usually on a tractor getting the big stuff done while I painted in the details around the house and garage. The thing I realized is, for me at least, moving snow is one thing a person can do that has immediate, obvious benefits with minimal chances of failure or, more commonly in my case, breaking something. It's the perfect activity for (klutzy) kids of all ages.

In the summer substitute mowing for shoveling and you've got the idea. Of course, mowing has the extra zing of possible digit or limb loss. Damn lawn looks good though.


Blogger Michael Kline said...

You might need what we got here in th' holler, don't know why i didn't send it back wit's what we call a snow thrower, all i've managed to do with it is throw some gravel before the pins went on it. want it? arens...say no mo. and it's yours.

6:38 PM  
Blogger The Baby's Daddy said...

hell yeah, Billy Bob! You'n's throw that gravelly snow-beater on the next truck headin' down I-401

1:31 AM  

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