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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

There Can be Only One . . . Year-Old

This past Saturday was Max's first Birthday party Part One: The Family. Sadly, our wee abode is too small to host friends and family simultaneously so the friends are scheduled for this weekend.

Max had a pretty good time. He was a little freaked out by his cake but, once he figured out it was a food-like object that needed to be squished to death, he got into it. Incredibly enough, he wasn't non-plussed enough by gooey frosting on his hands to later showboat by taking his first few steps in front of nearly the entire family.

The week leading up to his birthday was, I guess, the week his brain got the development memo: he started walking, crawling, clapping, and working on some really simple String Theory problems I've been leaving in his crib with a crayon. Now, if he would just get some teeth.

This has just been the most spectacular year. We want to thank all of our friends and family who have helped to make it so easy and fun.


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