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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Newy Newy Newness

While our little blog was down, there was no blogging. Soo-prizingly enough, The Max did not stop growing. In fact, the non-stopping of growing is what drove us to return to this blog to continue the story of Max. I've been waiting for an excuse to trot out a few of the things that happened to Max while the blog was down, and it seems like Max's reaction to a Biter Biscuit is a perfect starting point. So, here is Max trying to enjoy his first Biter Biscuit. I don't know what the hell a Biter Biscuit is, but there's they are: Max and a slowly disintegrating biscuit. It's like a pear-flavored, slo-mo climax of The Fly.

Other new things: Max is terrified of tin foil. The first time Max saw and heard tin foil, he kind of got a look on his face like you do when you see this commercial. All awe and fear and amazement. He handle that first dose pretty well. The next time, we didn't realize it was the tin foil, but thought it was some other form of non-approved stimulus that pissed Max off. The next night, though, we had another tin foil related event; we stretched out a length and ripped it off. Next thing we know we've got a little "bull-dogged" faced baby in full-on freak out mode. Two nights in a row, two freak outs: it wasn't Dad's cooking, it was the tin foil! I guess tin foil went past fascinating into the realm of scary.

Actually, now that I'm writing this post, I can't think of the other things that happened during our blog hiatus that were deemed worthy of mention. I'll have to check with Katie. That, though, folks, seems to be parenthood in a nutshell: everyday is so intense, so incremental; if you don't log everyday, you miss things. Two days ago, was he standing by himself? A week ago, was he seeing that button on the exersaucer? Yesterday, was he looking at you the same way, with so much love? Here's Max. He loves Biter Biscuits, he drools them to goo, he doesn't like tin foil; his parents are fools for him.


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