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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So, Pretty Much Everything has Changed?

Kelli and David made the pilgrimage from the recently thawed and slightly flooded lands of the North to see Max in the flesh. They were impressed that Max, in fact, looks cuter in person than on the blog. No, you can’t come over to confirm this for yourself.

Kelli is one of those great friends who rallies you do things you want to do, but just can’t muster the energy on your own. Typical Kelli exclamations are: “Let’s go Go-Karting!”, “Let’s go bowling!” and “Let’s make a play!”. Ok, that’s not true about the play.

This trip, Kelli rallied us to go to the MIA (that’s the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to you, the unwashed masses). I was nervous not because it was a new outting with Max, but because I thought the exposure to Art might knock him off the plumber/electrician/HVAC tech track I’ve planned for him. Then, first thing, we ran into the guy at the gas station who mounted a tire for me the day before. That reminded me of my super-cool, hockey-playing, poet Uncle, to whom I always looked up.

That’s going to be the trick: guiding him to become the cultured plumber. They guy who can re-wire your living room and admire your Noguchi.

Oh, and by the way, fourth floor of the MIA? Walk through all the great American Furniture and cool, full rooms they’ve got up there and you’ll find yourself in a few galleries of all the sexy Impressionist paintings the MIA has. And you’ll have them all to yourself. There were, like, four people in there.

Also, the Ruth Duckworth show is quite hot. Posted by Picasa


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