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Friday, April 10, 2009

Court-Ordered Miles Post

The mothership has reported that our Max-centric trend of late is not appreciated. And I will say that while Max is pretty funny, Miles takes humor to an almost subliminal level. He'll flash things (spoon, 4 year-old battery, brush head off your toothbrush) at you, blurt a word-sound and then scoot away like he's pulled the pin on a comedy grenade. He does this partly 'cause he still chooses scooting over the more ubiquitous walking and partly 'cause it's true: he's halfway down the hall when you realize it was all an elaborate and epically hilarious joke. He's an artist.

Scoot, scoot, scoot.

"What's that Miles? A fork? That's a fork."


Scoot, scoot, scoot.

Did you see that? Wait about five minutes after you read this post, you're going to laugh so hard, you will pee your pants. Hey, don't get upset: you don't have to live with him. We're all in diapers in this house now.

Oh, plus, I'm holding Miles posts hostage until he walks. No more cute Miles baby 'til the little bugger walks!


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