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Monday, April 06, 2009

The Hilarity Continues

Here's Max perpetratin' his latest fad: pretending to be going to bed. The last few days, randomly, Max will grab the nearest blanket, nearest pillow, get snuggled in where ever he hangs his hat and announce he's going to bed. This declaration is followed by emphatic, cartoonish snoring for about thirty seconds and then a hearty, "Good Morning!"

That's funny, but that's not what this post is about. What this post is about tonight's dramatics: Miles (the other brother) seems to have entered a new phase of teething. Being the stinky hippie parents that we are, we've turned to nature's answer for teething pain: lots and lots of Children's Tylenol. Tonight, when we were dosing Miles, Max decided that he wanted some cherry-flavored, pain-killing syrup.

Now, how do you get your Acetaminophen fix if you're not actually sick. Obviously, the best answer to immediately pretend you're sick.

"Oh, I want to have some Tylenol too!"

"No, Max, you're not sick. Miles' teeth hurt right now, so he's getting Tylenol."

"But I am sick.. . . Cough! Cough!" I'm not kidding! He fake coughed! Then after the fake coughing, he started moaning, as if he were in pain and all the while putting on his best "I'm-woefully-sick-please-give-me-some-drugs" face.

After Katie and I got done laughing, we gave Max an Oscar and then let him thank us until we had to cut him off with some out-music.


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