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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Socks

Previously, we've seen what happens when I had to regrettably tell my children who was formerly President of the United States. It did not matter how gently I broke the news, they would bawl and bawl. All that caterwauling made me worry that my kids were, in fact, Republicans. Then it turned out that the only similarity they shared was the need for a diaper change.

One of Max and Miles' favorite books is "New Socks". Leon is pretty pumped about his new socks. At one point in the book, he pretends that the President calls and invites him over to see his super awesome new socks. Two wonderful things have happened since January 20th (aside from, you know, not getting spied on and the constitution not being pooped on): 1. Max and Miles don't get confused puppy head every time Leon accepts the invitation. and 2. Upon reading the word "President", Mommy and Daddy no longer throw up in their mouths.

So here's to happy children, the new President, new socks and four years of not throwing up in our mouths!

P.S. If you like "New Socks" you'll love "Dinosaur vs. Bedtime".


Blogger Bob said...


Glad you like "New Socks"! You are clearly a genius.

OK, so as far as the last President goes. Think of it this way, with everything that was going on in the world, the President takes time out of his day to call a little bird about his new socks AND invites him over to hang out all afternoon.

Makes more sense now, right?

And you can't blame the bird for being excited, he's just little.

And thanks for the D v. B shout out!


7:39 AM  
Blogger The Baby's Daddy said...

Bob? Like Bob Shea, "bob"? Woah! Man, if my blog were my hand and your comment your handshake, I would totally never wash my blog ever again! Or something like that.

Even I will admit, regardless of my status as human non-bird and political beliefs, I'd probably end up accepting the invite too. If anything, it'd be just to see that rug that everybody can't shut up about.

Anyhoos, thanks for the great comment and thanks for the great books. You have made two cute boys giggle repeatedly and the fonts alone in G v.B crack me up every night. Thanks, dude!

10:29 PM  

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