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Monday, March 30, 2009

Wild Things, I Think I Love You

Apparently, according to Katie, I am a freak because I was not read nor did I read "Where the Wild Things Are" as a child. Fortunately, Katie has enough Kool for the two of us and we have read and re-read the story of another Max and his adventures with the wild things. Personally, this trailer makes me cry like a little girl. It's like if I saw a trailer for Star Wars today, but with the emotions of the seven year-old me. It's more about what I hope Max might feel when he sees the other Max running with the wild things and crashing through giants waves, I think, than anything.

Our Max, though, seems less than enthusiastic:

"Hey, Max. Guess what?"


"That book you read? "'Where the Wild Things Are'? They're going to make it into a movie!"

"No! They can't make it into a movie! It's just my book!"


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