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Friday, December 19, 2008


Our homeboy, Gary, from the Haus of Tacos, is a wonderful, embittered soul who knows that joy in life derives from friends and drinking with those friends. At his happiest, pouring something wonderful for everyone to share over something amazing to eat, he raises his glass to you and gives a gleeful, "Clinkies!" This never, I'm not kidding, gets old.

I think it might've been last New Year's Eve at Gary and Margot's when Max first became cognizant of "Clinkies!". We've spent the last year "Clinkies!"-ing our share or juice glasses, milk glasses and water glasses.

Miles, a wee, smart cookie himself, knows fun when he sees it.

So, yo, to all our super-spectacular friends and to our totally awesome fam-dam-alies: CLINKIES!


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