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Friday, December 05, 2008

Coca-Cola, The Gateway Drug

This counts as a Thanksgiving recap.

Cousin James walks into Grandma Kay's den. I'm not sure what James was doing in there, but he walks into the den. Recounting the story later, he spoke of walking into the slightly gloomy room and not quite feeling alone. Before his eyes could adjust to the light, he heard the sound of liquid being chugged. James is a currently a college student, so, really, his credentials as an identifier of chugging sounds are pretty much unimpugnable. His eyes adjust to the dark and James is able to match up an image to the sound: Max, head tipped back, emptying a can of Coke into his gullet.

"Max, what are doing?"

"Drinking a Coke!"

"Did your Dad say you could have that Coke?"

"Yeah!" (Lie!) And Max runs off: thump, thump, thump, thump.

A few minutes later, Max was racing around Grandma Kay's house, running through the rooms, waving his hands in the air and screaming happily. Thanksgiving Day-type conversations would pause briefly as this three-foot, blond blur raced through each room. Everyone would give an amazed "Woah" and get back to their discussions of computers/the Vikings/how the heck does this HD conversion box work?.

While we have no visual evidence of the actual event, here's a similar bit of non-Coke fueled madness from earlier this year.


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