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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Planning? Why Would You Think We're Planning Anything?

The fun is beginning. Within the last few days, Max and Miles have had interactions that have gone beyond: Miles playing (sucking on until hand and toy are slimy with spit)with toy in exersaucer/jump up/on floor. Max walks by. Max jerks toy away. Miles has a coniption. Max tosses toy back in Miles' general direction and continues on way.

Now we're getting conspiratorial looks and suspicious giggling. They're kind of in the "otter" phase of their relationship. Before long, they'll be lying on their backs, rocks in hand, cracking open crustaceans on their stomachs. We'd be more concerned if it weren't so damn cute. Also, most of this still ends with Max yanking a toy away from Miles and the accompanying coniption fit.


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