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Monday, May 26, 2008

Dancing with the Miles

We don't watch a lot of Dancing with the Stars around here. Although, if you wanted, you could call Grandma Kay, who could give you a plethora of information about all the dancers. This wouldn't be straight news you'd be getting; there were would be lots of editorializing and probably a few spoilers, as she has and can and will predict all the winners down to what they'll be wearing. Freaky!

Intuitive and knowledgeable about The Dance as Grandma Kay is, she's still at a loss when it comes to Priscilla Presley's face. Freaky!

What we do know around these parts, though, is dance fashion! So, if you put a pair of slightly flared sweat pants on a baby, it's time for that baby to dance!

Kay said it would happen.


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