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Sunday, June 17, 2007

He Seemed Like Such a Normal Baby

There was something in the water 'round these parts. Max made a breakthrough with one of his toys. He finally figured out that his crazy, noisy, Ikea roll-y thing-y was good for more than just rolling back and forth while he stands in one spot. 'Ol Max spent the morning walking from one end of the house to another dragging what is, essentially, a little barrel of colorful, wooden hammers. He was quite pleased with himself: thwacka-da, thwacka-da, thwacka-da, thwacka-da, thwacka-da, thwack!

It was a beautiful, normal day with the fabulous boy. Suddenly things took a turn for the surreal:

My preferred interpretation of this is that he's a creative genius testing alternative transport methods for green balls with nubbies and not just a crazed, ball-eating maniac.


Blogger Scott Bunn said...

My favorite part of this video is hearing y'all crack up in the background.

3:31 PM  

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