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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Cup is Half Full

Now, see, some folks, half-empty type-folks, would look at this picture and see a not-so-nice person from world history. I won't even tell you about the odd goose-stepping that Max has been doing lately: that would make you nervous. Thankfully, the bad taste walking did not cross paths with the questionable taste moustache. Other people, looking at Max's facial accoutrement, maybe half-full people, would see a charming Chaplin-esque hero from The Tramp or Modern World, that kind of thing.

Me, personally, I'm diggin' the goatee. So I'm thinking my mud-eating baby is going for a beatnik, be-bop thing:: Kerouac, Ginsberg, this guy. That's my boy: snappin' his fingers, sitting on the back of a flat bed as it coasts down the west side of the Rockies. . . in the dark. Let's leave out the cigarettes and the malaria.

No matter what you think of the historical references Max's 'stache is making, it's way less threatening after he eats a big hunk of blue chalk, no?


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