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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Teeth are Over-Rated

While Max stills loves a good puff now and again, we've pretty much moved onto actual, solid food. Even this picture, only a week old, is a bit dated. He liked his corn for about three days, but has since soured on the kernel. Peas, he still eats, but he prefers them off a spoon. Boca Burger, though, remains a staple. Some vegetarian friend of ours actually thinks the Boca Burger is too much like meat and, as such, not really vegetarian. I also have pictures of this same vegetarian trying and failing to eat corn on the cob, so weak and uncoordinated they were due to lack of protein. Take that for what it's worth.

But, so, anyhoos, Max eats food! It's pretty wild: you plop him into the Svan (which, I guess, he'll have until he weighs like 300 pounds), stick a bunch of food (broccoli, Boca, peas, corn, cantalope, pineapple) on the tray and you kinda watch him eat. He likes to stick broccoli florets in his mouth, close his gums and pull the floret out to harvest the little broccoli bulbies. He used to eat rice off the spoon but now he digs rice balls and plays with them until he's a starchy mess. It's all highly entertaining.

Frankie, as expected, has quickly grasped that "boy in highchair" equals "food on floor". Mealtimes have evolved/devolved into mildly madcap events with Katie and I cajoling Max into eating while Frankie snuffles all around the base of the chair, waiting for the next hunk of Boca to hit the floor.


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