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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Where the Cool Comes From

It’s fine to have a cool Grandmother or two, as we do. But, dude, let’s face it: as The Blues were the seeds for Rock, you do not have cool Grandmothers without the super-cool Great-Grandmother. Here we have said super-cool Great-Mother, Harriet, driving Max crazy with some mad buzzing action from his bumble-bee chew thingy. See, parenthood is nuts: you can write a sentence like that with absolute shamelessness!
So, anyway, if you ever are thinking that you don’t want to live past eighty; that you see the octogenarian era of your life as a quiet celebration of feebleness while you drift into the great unknown (I’m projecting here, BTW), then I present for your (re)consideration, Harriet: Super Cool Great-Grandmother.
Regular dancer, road-tripper, singer, card-player, Boy-friend tolerater, Max lover, whip-smart comedian extraordinaire: she does it all. So, before you lament your later years, ask yourself “What Would Harriet Do?”. Well, first, she’d tell you to put a blanket over yourself, you might catch a chill; then she’d ask you if you really thought about the clothes you were wearing.
You’d wonder how you ever worried about your eighties and hope you end up half as cool as Harriet.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

No, it’s not surrealist word-game poetry in your spam-box, it’s Max! I think there’s no better way to celebrate our freedom than streaking. Our fore-fathers had no idea, but subtly written into the sub-text of the constitution (and subsequent admendments (less the 18th, which was the dumbest thing ever)), is the idea of streaking. Second only to the skinny-dip, the streak is the ultimate expression of freedom.
Not ready for the dip or the streak, Max choses the changing table as his soap box. The only thing missing is a sparkler or a bottle rocket, but I would probably go to jail for that.
In baby news: Max rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time today. I have no idea how he did this because I was digging through a box next to the boy, he noticed I wasn’t watching, and went for it.

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