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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Iggy Popsicle

If a guy wanted to rationalize why he had eased up on posting about his overwhelming cute kids, after you use up the "work" excuse, the next fall-back position is: "they're just so freaking cute. The blog-worthy events come so fast and so furiously, it's much like I once opined to a friend about the illegal and inane facets of the Bush Administration: "It's like counting snowflakes in a blizzard." Once you don't blog about Max refusing to wear sandals except with socks, old-man style, you might as well not blog about the other 400 things he does that blow your mind.

Lest we get waaaay off track, though, and we starting thinking more about the pretty Crayon doodles G-dub does on his construction paper while The Dickster jabs pins into his Voodoo doll labeled "humanity", let me remind you: THE POWER OF MY KIDS' CUTE WILL SAVE THE WORLD!!!


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