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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Laser Eyes McGee

Be thankful, little Legos, that you are not melting and burning away under the passionately wilting stare of a fully-engaged, gift-opening, Max-bot. Bonus Grandma Gerry, got the boy some fun lego-y things this year and Max was, uh, pretty into them right off. Now that he's almost two, the crazed-toddler ADD is starting to kick in. We hadn't seen him focus on something this hard since, well, let's just say: Max has been dumping out boxes of puzzle pieces and then loping off to pull tupperware out of a cupboard for so long, that I had forgotten the way he can lock in on something.

Of course, a few days later, and these same fascinating Legos become just another big box of noisy things to be dumped. To his credit, right before he spills them all out, he yells, "'Egos!!"


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