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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Perhaps we should name him Godot

We are waiting, waiting for this yet nameless little feller. Thankfully, we do know that this particular Godot is going to show up eventually. However, due to inclement weather, we got bumped out of the hospital's schedule last night. Lots of mothers who were ready to give birth got tipped over the edge by the little snow storm we had here yesterday. I'm not sure what kind of cataclysmic climatological event would push Katie over the edge but, at the rate we're going, it would have to be some kind of hurri-nado-izzard. Something where we could just grab onto a bed sheet and para-glide from our backyard over to the hospital while wearing our snowsuits.

Katie doesn't actually mind being pregnant, even at this late stage, and it's pretty funny to listen to her end of the phone conversations with the mid-wives. They just can't seem to comprehend the idea of pregnant woman who isn't in a hurry to unload their baby. It's like all these boys are calling when she could really care less about going to the prom.

Heh, I was just glad when the kid passed out of Scorpio territory but, now, geez, what are shooting for? Taurus?

It sounds like we may be going tonight. We'll let you know.


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