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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Future's so Bright

You had to know this post was coming.

It took us a while to convince the kid to wear shades. And, in truth, he hasn't actually worn them for official retinal damage prevention duties. Mostly, he wears them in them in the tub and, like in this shot, Max had to have them on right when he got up from a nap. Then, of course, he had to have his "Planes" book to read, in his crib, with his sunglasses on. The trick, really, is that we've taught him to give a hearty Fonzie-esque "Aaaaaaaaayyyyyy" every time he puts on the lentes del sol. This, I can tell you, is one of the funniest things you will ever see: A kid, Max, in this case, jamming a pair of baby-sized sunglasses onto his face and then, as his hands jut out with excitement, he says, "Aaaaaay!!!" Every time he does this, I expect an army of Pinky Tuscaderos to come battering down our door to carry the boy off on their shoulders chanting anthems about their untoward intentions for my little, innocent boy.

I suppose if their was some hipster/rebel figure who we could reference for hat wearing, we might get to do that before it's a thousand degrees below zero.


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