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Monday, December 03, 2007

He is the Eggman

Here's what I got: Beautiful baby boy born to totally healthy mother at 4:57am on December Third. He's got no name. He does have a big ol' head of dark, wavy hair. He weighs 8 pounds, 3 ounces; he's 22 inches long. He loves his mother, and his father too. Eyes-wise, we can't quite tell: could be brown, could be blue. Time will tell. He's got mad delt development from break-dancing while inside his mother - an innocent by-stander in his one man break-dancing gang war. Seriously, this kid has got shoulders that make me feel inadequate. . . not that it takes much.

There's already been a meeting of the minds between Max and his little brother. The boys took to each other a bit too well, I think. Shortly after introductions, they huddled in a corner of the delivery room. Max gestured wildly, baby brother nodded in agreement, Max drew some diagrams; they got up, walked over and unrolled blueprints for a go-kart, smiling proudly.

Anyhoos, what I don't have is photos. They're all on a memory card at the hospital. Bare with me until tomorrow. Kid's mad cute. . . just my unbiased opinion.


Anonymous scottbunn said...


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Blogger Grover said...

Fantastic. Now you can now write twice the hilarious blog entries.

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