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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

If You Have Cuteness Issues, Cover Your Eyes Now

Max is a peeker. There hasn't been a good shot of him peeking, until now. Peeking is kind of difficult to capture photographically. There are other, more "peeky" shots but they are so stoopid cute, they will melt your monitor as well as your brain. I will privately email these unseeable shots if you request them. . . and you sign a waiver freeing me from any liability of your post brain-melted life.


Anonymous Amanda said...

please send me a peeky shot. Max is wicked cute. Can't wait to meet him someday and we share a fondness for bread.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous bryony said...

Sandy and I are wondering where the holiday pictures are?!?!

All of us in these here mountains are sending y'alls love! Good, clean Penland love!



"The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life."
~ George Carlin

4:16 PM  

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