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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Nothing Even Remotely Cute

Oh. Hello. I was just digging around under the couch for the last of Monday night's popcorn and I found this blog. It seemed familiar, somehow; didn't appear to be edible. So with a shrug and a crack of the knuckles, I decided to write a posty-post on this bloggy-blog-blog.

What really happened (although, the popcorn part is true. I'm always amazed by how tasty it stays!) is I got promoted. Somebody fell off a forklift or got hit by a forklift or something at the giant, non-evil wholesale club and they needed a manager. Stat! At first, the nine or ten or eleven-hour days didn't put too much of a crimp in my blogging lifestyle but, sort of suddenly and unexpectedly, Katie's work schedule also increased significantly.

I bore you with all the details but, for the last month or so, we've pretty much been "Hi/Bye" parents. As in: "Hi, I'm home from work." "The kids are in bed. Bye, I'm going to bed." Katie, who was home more frequently and normally took all the cute pictures that kinda fed the writing, hasn't been around to capture the cute. And our wonderful, free, super-generous babysitters, while dexterous enough to change diapers and microwave Boca burgers, have enough trouble getting the Thomas DVD going without worrying about snapping images for the blog.

So, while I am comfortable half-assing it when it comes to plumbing, running electrical wires and fixing my car, I am uncomfortable half-assing it when it comes to coffee and blogging about my kids. Faced with a choice between pictures and pithy commentary (fully-assed blogging) or just pictures (half-assed), I chose no blogging.

Bad choice.

Once things get back to "normal" or, better, I figure out how to big, sexy blog in the ten, non-catatonic, kid-free minutes I have each day, we'll get back to the insightful, hilarious and touching observations all three of you have come to expect. Until then, enjoy the pictures and the captions!


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