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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dog Whistle

We have to thank Sean, the homeowner and landlord next door. First, for renting his place to Nick and Jen. And, second, for smashing up his front steps and leaving a pile of rubble in his driveway. The detritus of his home improvement project provided Double M Construction and Demolition with close to a half an hour of simultaneous, fight-free play time.

I'm starting to think that Max (and probably Miles) can channel a fair amount of Radar O'Reilly. Instead of helicopters loaded with wounded, these kids can detect concrete being broken and earth being dug from a mile away.

"Daddy, can we go see the excavator?"

"What excavator?"

"The excavator that will be working at the corner of 46th and 15th tomorrow at 2:31pm? I think there might be a concrete mixer there later, too."

"Oh! There's going to be a concrete mixer?! We're totally going!"


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